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Silk Skinny Scrunchie Set - Rose, Gold & White - in Decorative Bauble

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Our 100% Pure Silk Skinny Scrunchies allow you to tie up your hair and braids with the confidence of knowing that your hair is being treated with the respect it deserves, while looking sleek & fabulous at the same time! Silk is a luxurious fibre containing a protein called SERICIN. This protein is made up of 18 different amino acids and gives silk it's unique, natural properties that protect and nourish your hair. The elastic is super stretchy, allowing 1 - 3 twists, which is nicely adaptable to any pony thickness. Ponies are kept firmly in place or loosely casual and can be easily removed without snagging or damaging your hair!

Our unique clear bauble packaging gives them a festive edge, perfect as a 'stocking filler' or as a pretty decoration to hang on your Christmas tree!

We have even added a tag that you can write on to make gifting a breeze!


  • 100% Pure Silk
  • Reduced chance of breakage or creasing
  • Super stretchy elastic
  • Fun gift idea!
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