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Making a Difference

At Cotton & Silk we believe that it is very important for us to give back to the wider community while building our business.

In an effort to do so, we have introduced a line of Face Mask Chains & all profits from the sale of these chains will be going towards the fight against human trafficking.

We have teamed up with a fantastic South African organisation called the

National Freedom Network who are at the forefront of this fight!


An introduction to who they are and what they do..

The National Freedom Network (NFN) is a collective of people and organisations in different places around South Africa, who work together against Human Trafficking. They believe that networking is one of the most strategic responses to this crime, as it takes a network to fight a network.

The NFN recognizes that interaction between all the role players from the various sectors is vital, as this work requires such a multi-disciplinary approach. The success of our individual and collective efforts against this crime rests on strong coordination efforts; the flow of good, clear communication; the sharing of information and resources; adhering to best practice standards; and conscious collaboration with one another.

If you wish to find out more, please contact or click on the link below to visit our website.

We believe that every small effort works together to make a larger impact and encourage you to join us in helping to better our community.

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